Personal Injury | Personal Injury Law | Slip and Fall Accidents | 2021-08-09 10:00:03

Washington State Injury Statistics

Accidental injuries can happen at any time and to anyone.  The following is an overview […]

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Personal Injury | Truck Accident | 2021-07-19 10:00:51

Self-driving Trucks: Will They be Safer?

We are already seeing self-driving trucks on our roads, but are they safer than regular […]

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Auto Accident | Personal Injury | 2021-07-05 10:00:21

Cell Phones and Driving In Washington State

Everyone should know that cell phone use and driving is dangerous and perhaps deadly decision. […]

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Brain Injury | Personal Injury | 2021-06-23 10:00:37

Do Traumatic Brain Injuries have Emotional Effects?

A traumatic brain injury could change how injured individuals feel and express their emotions. They […]

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Auto Accident | 2021-06-09 16:11:00

Should I Call the Police After a Car Accident?

It’s common to feel confused and overwhelmed after a car accident. But besides seeking medical […]

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Brain Injury | 2021-05-25 13:29:00

Common Causes of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries are often misunderstood, and surprisingly, many go undiagnosed, especially mild TBIs. You want […]

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Auto Accident | 2021-05-06 16:58:51

Protecting Your Rights After A Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident, you should consider contacting the authorities and […]

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Personal Injury Law | 2021-04-27 17:21:32

When Should I Contact an Attorney?

If you suffer an injury in an accident, you might wonder when it might be […]

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