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Should I Call the Police After a Car Accident?

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It’s common to feel confused and overwhelmed after a car accident. But besides seeking medical treatment, it also can be important to call the police after an accident. Authorities can help in many ways, as can a Bonney Lake car accident attorney.

Getting into a car accident in Bonney Lake can be overwhelming and upsetting.  However, an accident also raises other time-sensitive issues and questions. A common question that arises is “Should I call the police after a car accident?” 

The answer to this question is often “yes.” Washington State may require you to report accidents that result in over $1,000 in property damage or injuries.  While you can report certain crashes online, calling the police to the scene can have other benefits, as well, as can calling a Bonney Lake car accident lawyer. 

Follow the Law

As in every state, it is unlawful in Washington to leave the scene of an accident. Similarly, it is important that you heed the reporting requirements for a collision causing over $1,000.  You should always stop and assess the damage and injuries that might have resulted from a crash.  If you know you are injured, you should consider calling 911.  This will not only send police officers to the scene but may also send medical professionals who can examine your condition and advise whether you need emergency treatment. 

Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim

In order to hold someone responsible for your crash-related injuries and damage, you must prove they were at fault for the accident.  This requires evidence and having a police report may provide evidence of who was responsible for the collision.  This can happen in different ways:

  1. Police should write up an accident report, which might have the information you can use to help prove your claim, as well as the other driver’s contact and insurance information.
  2. Officers should gather information from everyone involved and other witnesses, which can help if you were unable to get all of this information yourself.  This can help your attorney get in touch with witnesses who could testify in your favor.
  3. If police officers believe that the other driver violated the law, they may issue a citation or make an arrest for serious offenses.  

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