Looking for an Auburn personal injury lawyer? Here is why you should consider Anderson Law, in Bonney Lake

Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate enough to represent numerous clients who call Auburn home.  I have also represented a number of clients who have been involved in auto collisions in Auburn.  Retaining an attorney close to home is important.  Having a convenient location is beneficial because following a collision, clients will have a number of things competing for their time and attention, to include: medical care, dealing with insurance companies, the repair or total loss of your vehicle.  Having to drive long distances to meet an attorney can be a burden and inconvenience.  Although our office is only 15 minutes away from Auburn, we understand that those involved in a collision and dealing with injuries may not have 15 minutes to spare.  This is why we offer to come to you.  We are happy to meet at a closer and more convenient location.

When retaining an attorney it is imperative the attorney is familiar with the laws of the jurisdiction the claim arises from.  This means the attorney should be familiar with the laws of the county where the collision occurred. Anderson Law, PLLC has successfully represented the interests of many injured clients from or injured in Auburn, Washington.  Our law office continues to provide the service our clients have come to expect.  This means we emphasize and pride ourselves on our accessibility and communication with our clients.  Moreover, we deliver results.  So when considering an Auburn personal injury lawyer, consider Anderson Law, PLLC in Bonney Lake.

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Auburn personal injury attorney Joshua Anderson
Posted By: Joshua D. Anderson
Joshua D. Anderson, Attorney at Law, is a passionate and experienced personal injury law attorney serving communities in Western Washington.