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Self-driving Trucks: Will They be Safer?

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We are already seeing self-driving trucks on our roads, but are they safer than regular commercial trucks? What happens if a self-driving truck causes an accident and injuries? A Bonney Lake truck accident lawyer can help. 


Automotive technology is surging forward, and the next major development that we will see on our roads and highways might be self-driving trucks.  Some companies have already been testing self-driving trucks on the road with promising results when it comes to efficiency.  One report indicated that a self-driving truck made a 24-hour trip in about 14 hours.


While these fully automated trucks might be beneficial for the trucking industry to save time and money, what do they mean for safety on the road?  Are these trucks truly safer, or do they pose the risk of more truck crashes?  If you are in a crash with any type of commercial vehicle, you want to consult with a Bonney Lake truck accident lawyer right away.


Experts Expect Increased Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that all types of vehicles will be fully automated by 2025, and commercial trucks seem to be leading the charge in this respect.  There are two different levels of truck automation:



  1. The truck drives itself under some circumstances, and a human driver needs to be ready to take over driving responsibilities in other circumstances.
  2. The truck is able to drive at all times and monitor the surrounding road conditions, so the driver is more like a passenger who does not need to pay attention.


If a truck requires a driver to be attentive, it can cause problems if that driver becomes distracted and cannot properly take over when requested or needed.  However, experts still indicate that there will be far lower risks of human driver error than if the truck driver had full driving responsibilities.


Self-Driving Truck Accidents

Even though the chances of human error are decreased, there is still the risk that the self-driving system on a commercial truck can malfunction. The system might not properly assess the surrounding environment and might fail to slow down or stop for obstacles.  A system might go haywire and simply lose control of the truck, causing a runaway truck situation.


When any of these malfunctions occur, it could result in serious collisions and injuries.  Self-driving trucks might mean fewer accidents, but they will not eliminate the truck accident problem from our highways.  Instead, self-driving vehicles might complicate the process for victims to seek recovery for their losses.


When a self-driving truck crashes, who is responsible?  This is a question that skilled Bonney Lake truck accident lawyers are working to answer, and the answer will vary from case to case.  In the coming months and years, if you are injured by an automated truck, you want a highly experienced legal team standing up for your rights and handling your claim.


Speak with a Bonney Lake Truck Accident Lawyer

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