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ATV Rollover Crashes in Bonney Lake

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Driving off-highway vehicles (OHVs), such as all-terrain vehicles or ATVs, is one of the most popular ways to explore the Bonney Lake area, the plateau, and the mountains, whether you are a resident or on vacation. ATVs are also very useful for farm laborers and farmers. But sometimes, the enjoyable and exciting nature of driving ATVs could mask the significant risk of injuries that might occur when you’re out and about having fun on an ATV.  


Based on a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 524,600 reported injuries related to OHVs that required emergency medical care between the years 2015 and 2019 in the U.S. Of these reported injuries, 1,697 deaths resulted from ATV accidents, and most of the victims were kids under 16 years old.


Anyone injured in an ATV rollover crash should discuss their rights with a Bonney Lake ATV accident attorney right away.


What is an ATV Rollover Crash?


ATV rollover crashes involve an ATV tipping over to the side or completely rolling over until the vehicle lands upside down. In more serious rollover crashes, the ATV might roll over several times before completely coming to a stop. ATVs could roll over for various reasons. Unfortunately, the resulting injuries are usually fatal or catastrophic. Likewise, ATVs are specifically linked to an increased risk of rollover crashes.


What Causes ATV Rollover Crashes?


ATV rollovers usually happen due to tripping, which occurs when the vehicle’s tire hits something, such as soft soil, a bump, or a curb, disrupting its forward motion and causing it to roll sideways or forward. ATV rollover crashes can likewise occur due to defective parts, dangerous roadways, or the vehicle’s faulty design. In addition, inclement weather conditions or other motorists’ negligent actions could raise the risk of an ATV rollover crash.


ATV rollover accidents could likewise occur due to the following causes:


  1. Kids riding ATVs without adult supervision or poor supervision
  2. Inexperienced ATV riders taking passengers along for a ride
  3. Riding an ATV on an unfamiliar or dangerous terrain
  4. Doing dangerous stunts and maneuvers
  5. Failing to observe local ordinances and state laws


What Compensation Can I Receive from an ATV Rollover Crash?


As with motor vehicle accidents, like truck, car, or motorcycle crashes, injured ATV rollover accident victims may be entitled to recover medical bills, lost earnings, property damage, and pain and suffering damages from the insurance provider of the at-fault party. Potentially liable parties could include:


  1. The driver of another ATV or other vehicle
  2. The manufacturer of the ATV
  3. The manufacturer of the defective ATV part
  4. The property owner


Also, keep in mind that adults who failed to uphold their duties and their negligent acts caused injuries to a minor individual in an ATV accident could also be potentially liable for the accident.


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