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Client testimonials are a key indicator of success. Our law office is proud to represent members of our community and to get them the justice they deserve. From auto accidents to wrongful death claims, our dedicated team at Joshua D. Anderson, Attorney at Law, is on your side. We walk you through the process every step of the way, and there is no fee unless we win.

Here is what some clients are saying about us:

Integrity, Thoughtfulness and Attention

I was involved in an auto accident last October 2012. I was hit by a driver under the influence of drugs among other issues. I sustained a brain injury that kept me from working for several months due to my occupation. At the time, I was very concerned how this would affect my employment and long term health.

After the accident and subsequent days of healing my immediate bumps and bruises, I became aware of cognitive problems that took my concern to an entirely different level. I had a friend who had used Attorney Josh Anderson for a similar experience and he highly recommended Josh to me. He even said to me that even if I decide not to utilize him, it wouldn’t hurt to just call and talk with him.

I was initially hesitant to call him because I really didn’t want to get an attorney involved but I am very glad I did. I didn’t realize how much you need a personal injury attorney to get anything accomplished with the insurance companies.

At our initial meeting, Josh made me feel very comfortable and eased my concerns and worries. He assured me that he would work hard for me, communicate effectively and take the time to explain and answer any questions that I may have at anytime.

Josh did all of that – communicated effectively by providing me updates as things progressed, answered my questions and addressed my concerns. He also handled any and all issues, insurance billing, disability payments under my existing auto policy among other items as they came up over the course of the open injury claim.

We eventually came to a very good settlement agreement with the insurance company. Josh made sure that we discussed all the issues, options and available information to comfortably agree to the settlement once it was apparent that we had progressed as far as we could with the insurance company.

Josh always acted with integrity, thoughtfulness and attention to what my needs and concerns were. I was very happy with the outcome and could have never achieved it without Josh and his expertise.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Josh’s legal services. You will be very happy that you did. He will take very good care of your specific individual case just as it was his own and provide you the attention you deserve.

I have provided this review under my own free will and would gladly talk with anyone that has any questions or concerns over hiring Josh as legal representation.

Ethical, Professional, Caring

I was involved in two separate car accidents that were three months apart. In addition, I had a prior work related injury so I knew my case was going to be difficult.

I hired an attorney because I needed to focus on healing my body, not stressing about dealing / fighting with insurance companies. I did not want them calling me, and I did not want to deal with them, so I contacted Joshua Anderson.

Josh was up front with me from the start, telling me that it would be a difficult case. He also said he’d bring in another attorney if he felt it would be beneficial, at no additional cost to me. That’s exactly what he ended up doing … he worked hand in hand with them until my case was closed.

Josh contacted me periodically to see how I was doing, which I appreciated. I also received many emails from the paralegal and legal assistant from the other attorney’s office, so I knew they were taking care of things.

After many months and much paperwork, we had a mediation conference. After a few hours of going back and forth, I ended up with a fair settlement, which was a positive outcome for me.

I would highly recommend Josh to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. He was ethical, professional, and caring.

Knowledgeable, Caring, Professional

I have nothing but good things to say about Joshua Anderson. Aside from being hardworking and competent in what he does, Joshua Anderson is knowledgeable in PI, he cares about his clients, and he is very professional. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.

A Great Job Done!

I have never been to a lawyer before, and the insurance company that I was dealing with was just being a pain. So the search began for a lawyer … Josh’s office was right in my area, so I thought I would go in and see if he could help me with my claim. I was nervous to have to deal with a lawyer, but he made it easy to be able to explain how things happened and help me understand what he was going to be doing for me. After that day, it was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders; he let me know what was going on at all times and always made sure that I did not have any questions. If I have another accident, I will be calling him again, and I know that I won’t have to worry.

Highly Recommended

After being involved in a car accident, I decided to see if I might be able to benefit from having an attorney handle my case. I had noticed Josh Anderson’s office … It was in a convenient location, so I decided to make an appointment. The thought of going into a lawyer’s office seemed a bit intimidating, but after meeting Josh, I was instantly put at ease. I could tell he is very passionate about his work … I felt certain he would work hard to get the best possible outcome with my case, so I agreed for him to represent me.

I did not expect much compensation for my accident because it was not too severe, but I was tired of personally trying to deal with insurance and health care companies. Josh took care of everything with professionalism and compassion, keeping me updated every step of the way. We settled my case for a much higher amount than I would have imagined – about five times the amount my insurance company originally offered.

Before going to Josh, I felt cheated by my insurance company and felt like I had no control. Working with him was such a pleasure because I really felt like I had someone on my side, working hard to ensure I got what I deserved. To anyone who has been involved in an accident, I would highly suggest making an appointment with Josh so you can hear what your rights are. Having him represent me was an excellent experience, and I would recommend him to anyone.

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