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Bonney Lake Boat Accident LawyersHas your favorite pastime been ruined by a boat accident? If so, someone else may be at fault. Our Bonney Lake boat accident attorney can help you get back on the water and fight for your rights. In the Pacific Northwest, we are fortunate to have many pristine lakes, a vast river system, and the Puget Sound. Boaters, swimmers, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts frequent these bodies of water year-round. Unfortunately, not all of them practice proper boat safety and good judgment. And this can result in personal injury or even death.

According to the Coast Guard, there were 105 accidents in 2012 in WA State, resulting in 34 injuries and 28 deaths.

Boat Accident & Injury Stats

A boat accident usually occurs because a boat driver is reckless in the operation of his or her vessel. Specific instances of recklessness include boating while intoxicated, operating the vessel at excessive speeds, inattention, and careless operation.

If you have experienced a boat injury, you are not alone. According to the Coast Guard, there were 4,515 boating accidents in 2012 resulting in 3,000 injuries, 651 deaths, and millions in damage. And in Washington State, there were 105 accidents resulting in 34 injuries and 28 deaths.

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If you or a family member has been injured while boating, Bonney Lake Boat Accident Lawyer may help you seek compensation that fully and fairly reflects what you have gone through.

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