Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

A car with driver and passenger airbags deployed after an auto accident
A car crash can be devastating. Fortunately, if you have been involved in an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation. But getting the compensation you deserve can be overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with the daunting fallout of the accident itself... not to mention the insurance companies.

Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle accident victim left injured on the road between two cars receiving first aid
Have you been struck while on a bicycle? Bicycle accidents are an unfortunate fact in the Pacific Northwest. With many people using bicycles as their main mode of transportation for work and errands, most motorists take it for granted that they must "share the road" with cyclists. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Boat Accidents

A lifering or ring buoy meant to save a victim of a boat accident
Has your favorite pastime been ruined by a boat accident? If so, someone else may be at fault. Our boat accident attorney can help restore your love of boating by fighting for your rights.

Brain Injury

An image of a human brain inside a translucent, blue skull
People are more vulnerable to brain injury than you might expect. Trauma can cause a blow, jolt, or penetrating injury to the head, and can result in a person losing normal brain function. Sadly, a brain injury to the brain stem, spinal cord, or brain itself is too-often the result of a personal injury accident.

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident with bike in foreground, stretcher and police cruiser in background
Fresh air, convenience, gas-savings ... the benefits of riding motorcycles are plentiful. But because helmets and padding simply cannot compete with the hard shell of a car or truck, motorcyclists often suffer serious physical trauma in a personal injury accident.

Personal Injury

A man with a personal neck injury
Have you suffered an injury at the hands of another? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Whether you have experienced scrapes, bruises, broken bones, or even a traumatic brain injury, you should know your rights. Let us answer your questions.

Product Liability

Melted wiring insulation is a common cause of injury in product liability cases
Product liability refers to the responsibility that product manufacturers and sellers have for the safety of their products. If a saleable item or component causes damage or personal injury, the manufacturers and/or sellers of the product may be accountable for a defective product. In general, products liability law addresses defects in product design, manufacturing, and warnings.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A yellow - Caution Wet Floor - sign knocked over on a hard, masonry floor
Do you think you are a victim of a slip and fall injury due to another's negligence? If so, you have the right to pursue full compensation for your resulting injuries. However, claim determinations are complex and will require the expert advice and support of an experienced and passionate attorney.

Truck Accident

Truck accident with the driver looking back at the wrecked truck cab
Because trucks are so heavy and large, frequently carrying more than 70,000 pounds, the damage caused by a truck accident is often extreme. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2010 there were more than 20 million personal injury accidents involving large trucks.

Wrongful Death

A surviving family member expresses grief over the wrongful death of a loved one
Perhaps nothing is worse than the wrongful death of a loved one. It is an injustice that causes untold pain and suffering to families and friends. Retaining a compassionate, dedicated, and experienced attorney can shoulder some of the burden by fighting for your legal rights.