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Cell Phones and Driving In Washington State

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Everyone should know that cell phone use and driving is dangerous and perhaps deadly decision. Contact a Bonney Lake car accident attorney, if you suffered injuries and believe another driver was using a cell phone or otherwise distracted.


We’ve all been tempted to use our cell phones when driving, and the rise of smartphones has made such decisions much more dangerous.  We can conduct almost our entire lives on our smartphones, and it can be all too easy to try to multitask and take care of emails, Google searches, and other activities while you are behind the wheel. 


What might seem like a quick check of a new notification can turn into a tragic crash that leaves the lives of others changed forever.  If you suffered injuries due to a distracted driver on a cell phone, do not wait to contact Bonney Lake car accident attorneys about your options. 



The Law on Cell Phone Use While Driving

All but two states have laws against texting while driving, but Washington State has stricter laws than many other states. Drivers in Washington State and Bonney Lake should be aware of the following:



  1. You cannot hold a phone at all while driving, even to make a call
  2. You can use hands-free as long as it takes one touch to initiate use
  3. You can use a phone while parked or otherwise out of traffic flow
  4. You can use a phone to call emergency services when needed


The laws are in response to startling statistics about distracted driving and auto accidents in Washington.  Consider:



  1. 70 percent of distracted driving that led to crashes was cell phone-related
  2. People are three times more likely to cause an accident when using a cell phone
  3. Distracted driving is involved in at least 23 percent of serious crashes
  4. 30 percent of traffic deaths can be attributed to distracted driving


These percentages are likely low, as many drivers will never admit they were using their phones when they crashed.  The number of serious injuries and fatalities that result from cell phone use is particularly tragic because they would be completely avoidable had the driver resisted the urge to use their phone. 



Your Rights After a Distracted Driving Accident

When another driver is negligent and causes harm, they should be liable for the injuries and losses to victims.  In order for an injured victim to recover, they must take action to file an insurance claim and prove liability for the crash.  Some evidence used to prove distracted driving includes:



  1. Citations from officers of violating the distracted driving law
  2. Cell phone records showing outgoing texts or calls
  3. Witness statements from people who saw the driver using a cell phone
  4. Video footage that shows the driver using a cell phone


An attorney can help you present your claim to prove liability, which means the insurance company should offer you a settlement to cover your damages.  Damages can include medical expenses for past and future care, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. 



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