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Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Bonney Lake

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If you live in the Bonney Lake area or nearby, you likely know everything this area has to offer.  As an outdoorsman’s paradise, there are plenty of recreational options, as well as reputable schools, restaurants, and businesses.  While you are enjoying the many amenities of Bonney Lake, however, you might not consider the risks of severe accidents and injuries.  Such accidents do happen in our little city, and they can sometimes be fatal and tragic. 

There are different ways that fatal accidents and incidents happen in this area, and if your family experiences a sudden loss, you should consult with a Bonney Lake wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. 

Fatal Traffic Accidents

Most of Bonney Lake is situated along Highway 410, and many residents travel this road on a daily basis.  While your daily commute might go smoothly, this is not the case for everyone, and serious car, truck, and motorcycle crashes can occur.  If a fatal traffic accident is the fault of a negligent driver or another party, the surviving family members might be able to file a wrongful death claim. 

Boating Accidents

One of the favorite activities of Bonney Lake residents is boating on Lake Tapps or Lake Bonney.  Boating should be enjoyable and relaxing, but it can turn into a nightmare very quickly when something goes wrong.  Boating accidents put everyone involved at the risk of drowning or fatal traumatic injuries, and these events are often the fault of negligent boat operators. 

Outdoor Recreation Accidents

One of the main reasons people live in or visit Bonney Lake is to enjoy the great outdoors.  However, there is always risk involved with popular outdoor recreational activities.  For example, there are many trails in the area that are popular for ATVs, which can crash or rollover and cause fatal injuries to riders.  Cycling along the road or on bike trails can also be risky, possibly leading cyclists to crash and sustain fatal head or spinal injuries. 

Violent Crime

Bonney Lake is not a high-crime environment.  In fact, it is often considered to be one of the safest places in the greater Tacoma area.  This does not mean, however, that violence never happens.  Statistics show that about 37 violent crimes are reported in Bonney Lake per year, and there is a chance for crime victims to pass away from their injuries.  In this situation, family members can file a civil claim for wrongful death, which is separate from a criminal case. 

Discuss Your Rights with a Bonney Lake Wrongful Death Lawyer Today

The above are only some examples of how families might lose loved ones to wrongful death.  If a close family member passed away due to someone else’s conduct, you might have important legal rights.  While compensation will never bring back your loved one, it can help you find a sense of justice and cover your financial losses.  

At Anderson Law, PLLC, we stand up for families in Bonney Lake in wrongful death cases. Call (253) 862-1811 or contact us online for a free case evaluation today. 

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