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Some Considerations After Being Involved in a Car Wreck

No one expects to get into a car accident, so it’s important to prepare yourself, just in case it happens. Before filing a claim, you need to follow a certain protocol, just in case you need to speak to an attorney.   If you’re involved in a wreck, never leave the accident scene. Call the police to file a report. Switch off the car’s engine and get out of the car, if possible. Check if everyone is okay. Call 911 for medical assistance if you or someone else is injured.   You should consider being checked out even if you don’t believe you’ve sustained a serious injury. Some severe injuries can later emerge that may not be immediately evident. Therefore, it’s a prudent choice to consider being checked out, which should rule out a more insidious or life-threatening injury. Furthermore, it may also help get you on the right track towards feeling better as referrals are often made to help treat the specific injuries diagnosed.   To file an accident claim, collect all the details of the event. This means getting witness accounts, taking pictures, and getting the contact info of the other parties involved. Always wait for the police to arrive so you can file a report. Never leave the site until you collect evidence, share insurance information, and talk to the police.  

Gathering the Evidence

  When gathering the needed evidence, keep these tips in mind:  
  • Even though the aftermath of an accident can be emotional, try to stay calm and focused. Again, keep your thoughts focused on gathering the necessary evidence.
  • When taking photos, consider photographing the license plate(s) of the other party or parties involved, the vehicles, as well as the driver’s license of the other driver. Note the direction that each auto was traveling, and take photos of the traffic signs at the site.
  • Always exchange info with the other parties. Get their personal contact details and the insurance company’s name, address, and phone number.

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