Personal Injury | August 1, 2022

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, more than 29 million people each year suffer severe injuries. Consequently, victims endure mounting medical bills, loss of loved ones, lost income, and disability.   You are typically entitled to compensation for medical expenses and losses related to a personal injury. Even so, it doesn’t come automatically. Insurance companies and negligent parties prefer to avoid or minimize liability which can be frustrating to the claim process.   It’s, therefore, prudent to consider working with a personal injury attorney to maximize your chances of compensation.   Below, are some considerations that should be given to counsel you to retain and who is the best fit for you:
  1. Choose an Attorney Who Handles Personal Injury Claims

  Personal injury law is complex and involves different sub-laws and processes. An attorney who focuses on personal injury should have a better understanding than attorneys in other fields. As a result, they should be able to represent your interests best.   On the contrary, a lawyer who handles divorces, wills, or commercial disputes can lack the specialty to navigate tricky cases.
  1. Look for a Personal Injury Attorney With a High Success Rate

If you’ve suffered a severe injury, it’s essential to look for a lawyer who’ll deliver a significant verdict or settlement. Remember, some cases go to the jury while others are settled out of court.   Find out whether the attorney is a member of Million Dollar Advocates— whose members must have resolved a case requiring litigation for $1M or more or the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, whose members must have resolved a case requiring litigation for $2M or more. Additionally, check online reviews to gauge how past clients rate their work. As with any company, reading the reviews to determine authenticity and the credibility of the reviewer and the company reviewed is important.
  1. Hire an Established Attorney

A personal injury case can take between a couple of months to years. This duration requires funding, patience, and research. An established firm has assets, capital, and a quality team in place to take on your case successfully.   Moreover, most established firms are willing to work on a contingency basis— an arrangement that allows lawyers to deduct a commission from the proceeds of the settlement as opposed to an out pocket fee structure. Remember, an injury affects your income, making it hard to pay out-of-pocket.
  1. Hire Locally

Although each city and state has excellent lawyers, a local attorney may have the upper hand. Local lawyers work in the same court system as judges, court officials, and prosecutors.   They’ve developed a working relationship critical for an expedited claim process. On the contrary, an attorney from a different area doesn’t enjoy the local network and might charge extra to cover commuting expenses.
  1. Vet The Personality of the Attorney

A personal injury case is a long journey from treatment to obtaining fair compensation. Therefore, you need to choose an attorney who you trust and believe has your best interests at heart.  

Here are a few positive indications:

  1. They display interest in your case.
  2. The attorney listens and answers your questions.
  3. Do they demonstrate confidence and trustworthiness?
  4. Trust your instincts; if you feel they won’t live up to the oath, walk away.

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