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Is My Injury too Small to Hire a Lawyer?

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Many people wonder whether their injuries are serious enough to warrant legal help. The reality is that everyone who suffered losses from an injury should seek an evaluation by a Bonney Lake personal injury attorney

Accidents can result in injuries of all types. Some accident victims might have a couple of scratches, while others sustain life-changing and disabling brain injuries. If you suffer injuries and someone else was at fault, you might wonder about your rights and whether you can seek compensation from the party that caused the accident. Even if you decide to file an insurance claim, you might wonder whether your injury – and your resulting claim – is too small to bother with hiring a personal injury attorney in Bonney Lake, or nearby.

Did You Incur Losses?

Personal injury claims are intended to make injury victims whole again. While a claim cannot turn back time and prevent the injury, it can provide compensation for all of the victim’s injury-related losses trying to return them to the position they were in before the accident. 

To illustrate some different scenarios, let’s examine the following hypothetical. If you slip and fall at a grocery store because of a wet floor with no warnings, there are different results that might happen:

  1. You are embarrassed but are able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward with your life without any additional disruption.
  2. You suffer some cuts or bruises that require some first aid care at home, but that then heal without much incident, and you never need professional medical help. 
  3. You suffer relatively minor injuries, such as a sprain, and you visit the doctor who prescribes a course of physical therapy and rests from work while you heal. 
  4. You suffer a serious brain injury and hip fracture, and you are taken to the emergency room via ambulance and need surgery, as well as ongoing rehabilitative care.

In the first scenario, as embarrassed as you might have been, you did not suffer any injuries or losses, so you would not need legal help. In the second situation, if you did not need medical treatment or time off of work, you likely have no losses to claim, as well. 

On the other hand, if you suffered catastrophic injuries, such as a brain injury, and needed extensive and costly treatment, there might be no doubt in your mind that you need a lawyer. But what if you went to your doctor and physical therapist a few times? Is that serious enough to need a lawyer?

Legal Representation is Helpful and Important for Insurance Claims

Even if your claim seems small, it is fair to expect the insurance company to try to limit your settlement payment. As such, it is helpful to consult our attorney, which is free, to identify whether or not representation would potentially benefit you. 

At Anderson Law, we look closely at claims to see if we believe that our involvement is going to improve a potential client’s position or settlement. Of course, we contemplate our attorney fee into the equation. Every claim is not a good fit for an attorney. Where injuries are very minor or there is a very fast recovery, our involvement may not be warranted. We give candid feedback regarding our opinion on whether or not retaining our office will improve your position and talking with us is free.  Given our goal of having a happy client, full and candid feedback from the beginning is very important. 

In our experience, where we are confident that our involvement is going to improve your position and we accept your case, we have a proven track record of obtaining full and fair results for our clients that our clients are happy with. 

Discuss Your Rights With Our Bonney Lake Personal Injury Attorneys

At Anderson Law, PLLC, we help people with all types of injuries, ranging from soft tissue sprains to catastrophic injuries. Call (253) 862-1811 or contact us online to learn how we can help. You have nothing to lose. 

The information contained on this website is intended for informational purposes only, and is not legal advice. Nothing in this website establishes an attorney-client relationship between us. Different facts can dramatically affect a legal opinion. You should consult an attorney for legal advice that pertains to your personal situation.


Joshua D. Anderson

Joshua D. Anderson grew up in Enumclaw, Washington with a close-knit family who instilled in him the values of faith, family, and hard work. Since a young age, Josh knew he wanted to be an attorney so he could advocate for others and always knew his focus would be personal injury. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego and graduated Cum Laude from Seattle University School of Law. While pursuing his degree, Josh served as an extern for the Seattle City Attorney’s Office.