Personal Injury | March 3, 2017

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, in 2014 a crash occurred in Washington every 5 minutes. With vehicles on Washington roads traveling over 58 billion miles, it is no wonder collisions are so prevalent. What is more, inattention/distracted driving was the most frequent contributing circumstance among all collisions. In King County alone, over 38,000 collisions occurred, while nearly 12,000 collisions occurred in Pierce County.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. There certainly are instances where retaining an attorney may not make sense. For example, in a car accident that involves only minor property damage or where one’s injuries are very slight, retaining counsel may not be the best option. However, as consultations with our personal injury lawyers are free, it would be prudent to determine whether attorney representation may benefit an accident victim. If our attorneys are not confident that retaining counsel will benefit your case, we will tell you. Vehicle repair, medical bills, wage loss, diminishment of value, insurance paperwork, and forms are just a few of the challenges that claimants face when injured in a car accident. It can be very stressful and an immense burden to deal with these issues while also coping with the painful effects of an injury that an accident victim did not cause. Having a lawyer to guide you through these challenges will allow you to focus on the overarching goal of accident victims; a full and healthy recovery.

It is common for insurance companies to make settlement offers to accident victims before the full nature and extent of their injury is known. What most accident victims don’t realize is that injuries caused by a car accident can be permanent and progressive. Moreover, if you settle your case you are prohibited from re-opening the claim again, even if your injury worsens or you require more medical care to treat your injuries.

As most car accident victims have little knowledge regarding insurance claims, case value and case presentation, there is an imbalance of knowledge and power when insurance companies deal with unrepresented accident victims. Having a lawyer on your side to present the full and fair value of the claim helps to ensure the accident victim receives fair compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering.

How do I choose a car accident attorney?

Meeting your attorney is extremely important before deciding whether to pursue representation. An attorney-client relationship involves trust, an open line of communication, and a strong understanding and belief that the attorney you have retained will be acting in your best interests to do the very best they can for you.

At Anderson Law, PLLC, we have been blessed to work on behalf of countless accident victims in Washington State and to help them achieve a full and fair resolution of their injury claims. We place one goal ahead of all others; work diligently to ensure we have a happy client. If you have questions about an accident you or a family member were involved in, please contact us toll-free at 1-855-754-7282 or (253) 862-1811. We are located in Bonney Lake and serve the greater Puyallup and Auburn, WA area.



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