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Risks to Motorcyclists in 2022

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Riding motorcycles is getting more popular these days, especially when the weather in the Bonney Lake area is nice, but road hazards continue to be a common cause of motorcycle crashes. Hazards that would normally not have any effect on cars, such as uneven road surfaces, potholes, small objects, or wet pavement, are often dangerous for motorcyclists as they invariably cause a motorcycle to crash. 

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Common Road Hazards for Motorcycles

It does not matter how experienced a motorcyclist is if they encounter hazards on the road, chances are their motorcycle will crash as there is little they can do to avoid the hazards. Some of the hazards can be simple or small things like leaves on the road that have been known to cause crashes. 

Other hazards on the road that cause motorcycle crashes include the following:

  1. Rough roads. Rough and bumpy roads, which are the result of construction work or disrepair, are common hazards that can cause motorcycle crashes. This is especially the case when the road changes from a normal well-maintained surface to suddenly one where it is rough or bumpy, and if the motorcyclist is speeding, they will have little or no time to react, inevitably leading to a crash.
  2. Gravel on the pavement. Gravel on the road is one of the hazards even the most experienced motorcyclists find difficult or impossible to navigate. The hazard is twice as dangerous where the motorcyclist must maneuver a corner, and if there is gravel on that part of the road, chances are the motorcyclist will lose traction and therefore control of the motorcycle, which results in a crash. Again, speeding is a factor in such crashes as the motorcyclist has little or no time to react.
  3. Edge breaks. An edge break is that part of the road where traffic lanes are not even and have different heights. They are usually common where a road is being resurfaced, and even though driving over them is not an issue for cars or trucks, it is a big hazard for motorcycles, especially if the motorcyclist is speeding.
  4. Open bridge joints. Open bridge joints are gaps or openings that allow water and debris to runoff from bridge decks and to pass through these joints onto under the bridge area for collection draining. Some of these joints and openings can be very wide, making it difficult or impossible for motorcycle riders to navigate and often resulting in the motorcycle crashing.


If a motorcycle accident happens due to a poorly maintained road, the city or state might be responsible. These claims are complicated, however, so you need the right legal assistance. Time is often short, so reach out for a case evaluation today. 

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