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Washington State Injury Statistics

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Accidental injuries can happen at any time and to anyone.  The following is an overview of injury statistics in Washington State – to discuss your rights after a specific injury, consult with a Bonney Lake personal injury attorney directly today. 

Crash Rates Are Getting Lower (But Crash Mortality Is Getting Higher)

According to Washington’s Ten Year Crash Data Summary, vehicle crashes have consistently held pretty high – 98,945 at their lowest, and 122,396 at their highest over a decade.  However, this changed in 2020, when the state recorded only 86,244 crashes.


It’s possible that a contributing factor may not have been the roads directly getting safer, but that the COVID-19 pandemic kept millions of people away from the roads.  As the prevalence of remote work increases, the need for a traditional office commute decreases.


Regardless, even though there were considerably fewer vehicle crashes in 2020, the state still recorded more severe and deadlier crashes than the prior year:


  1. 524 deaths (up from 517 deaths)
  2. 2,080 serious injuries (up from 1,937)
  3. 8,145 minor injuries (up from 7,374)


The fact is that crashes happen and cause severe injuries regularly in Washington.

Most Workplace Injuries Are Serious

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded over 88,600 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2019, specifically among private industry workers in Washington State. Out of that figure, 50,400 were defined as being “of a more serious nature,” either temporarily or permanently forcing the sufferer out of work.


If you wind up becoming one of those tens of thousands of injured workers, then you should not hesitate to claim workers’ compensation, unemployment, or disability insurance benefits if necessary. In many cases, workplace accidents can lead to a negligence claim against a third party, so you should always consider seeking the legal guidance of a Bonney Lake personal injury attorney who can evaluate your options.

Poisoning was the Leading Cause of Unintentional Injury and Death

A lot of attention is drawn toward motor vehicle crashes being a large source of unintentional injuries and deaths, and understandably so. But did you know that through the middle of the last decade, poisoning was the leading cause of unintentional across most age groups?


People might be afraid of their kids mistaking cleaning products for sweet drinks, but, across ages 25 to 64, poisoning deaths were the top cause of unintentional injury death from 2013 to 2017, according to a Washington Department of Health data table.


To stay safe from unintentional poisoning, we recommend adhering to the following safety guidelines:


  1. Only taking medications recommended by a trusted professional
  2. Never exceeding prescribed dosages
  3. Refraining from simultaneously using medications and alcohol
  4. Following prescribed labels closely

Construction Has Been The Deadliest Workplace

As reported by local NPR affiliate KUOW, the construction industry has recorded some of the highest workplace casualty rates in Washington State, totaling 15 deaths and 3,800 more injuries in the most recently recorded year.


For those who are familiar with construction, this probably isn’t a very surprising revelation. It is physically demanding work that is full of risks of physical harm – risks such as:


  1. Lack of adequate safety equipment
  2. Slips and falls from high places
  3. Falling objects and debris
  4. Tripping falls
  5. Equipment hazards
  6. Unsafe work conditions


Often, these risks stem from negligent conditions, and negligent parties should be held liable for the losses of injured victims.

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Joshua D. Anderson grew up in Enumclaw, Washington with a close-knit family who instilled in him the values of faith, family, and hard work. Since a young age, Josh knew he wanted to be an attorney so he could advocate for others and always knew his focus would be personal injury. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego and graduated Cum Laude from Seattle University School of Law. While pursuing his degree, Josh served as an extern for the Seattle City Attorney’s Office.