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When is a Trucking Company Liable for Your Injuries?

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Large commercial trucks pass through the Bonney Lake area on a regular basis, both on Highway 410 and in residential neighborhoods.  The increase in online orders during the Covid-19 pandemic has also led to an increase in truck traffic in the area.  With more trucks often comes more truck accidents

Many truck crashes are the fault of the truck driver or another party.  After an accident that led to injuries, it is critical to determine who should be held liable for your losses, and this might include the trucking company itself.  Always have a Bonney Lake truck accident lawyer assess liability to ensure you file a claim against the trucking company when necessary. 

Trucking Company Negligence

Companies can be negligent, just like individuals.  When this happens, the negligent company should be held liable for all of the harm and losses that resulted from its negligence.  Some examples of negligence on the part of a trucking company that might contribute or lead to a crash include:

  1. Negligent hiring – Trucking companies must ensure that all hired drivers are qualified and have the proper commercial driver’s licenses and endorsements when needed.  In addition, companies should not hire drivers they know or should know to have the potential for dangerous driving.  For example, if a driver has a history of reckless driving and other violations that put others at risk, the trucking company should likely think twice before putting that driver behind the wheel of one of its trucks. 
  2. Negligent supervision or retention – Trucking companies are expected to actively supervise drivers, including conducting required random drug and alcohol tests, ensuring that drivers do not violate regulations, and more.  If drivers engage in dangerous or unlawful activity, trucking companies should take proper action.  If a company does not, its negligent supervision or retention of a driver can lead to company liability.
  3. Inadequate maintenance – When trucking companies have a fleet of trucks, they must ensure that each and every truck is properly inspected, maintained, and repaired.  This is true whether a company has five or 5,000 trucks.  When companies fail to maintain their fleet, malfunctions can occur that cause a truck driver to lose control and crash into other vehicles. 

Vicarious Liability

In some situations, a trucking company might share liability for a truck crash even though the company was not negligent.  This is because legal principles hold companies vicariously liable for the harm caused by negligent employees.  This principle is called respondeat superior

When a truck driver makes an error or uses poor judgment on the road, injured accident victims can file claims against both the individual driver and the company that employs the driver.  Knowing when a trucking company might be liable is critical since these companies often have significantly more insurance coverage than individual drivers might. 

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