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A small passenger vehicle is no match for a large truck, tractor-trailer, or big rig. When a big truck strikes a much smaller vehicle, it is almost always the occupants of the smaller vehicle who sustain more serious and debilitating injuries.

Truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them are responsible for following all traffic laws, as well as both state and federal motor carrier regulations. When truck drivers and trucking companies act unreasonably, serious accidents can occur that leave other drivers and passengers severely injured.

If you suffered injuries in a truck accident that resulted from negligence, you have legal options available. The experienced Auburn truck accident attorney at Anderson Law | Injury Attorneys can explore your legal rights and help you file the necessary claim or lawsuit to recover monetary damages.

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Truck Accidents Due to Truck Driver Negligence

Auburn, WA has 2 of the busiest highways, and residents who daily drive those ways, are at high risk to be involved in truck crashes due to driver negligence, trucks can transport too many dangerous materials related to construction, or chemical products, making even more severe injuries in case of an accident. Below we´ll briefly describe some of the most common drivers’ negligence.

The Most Common Drivers’ Negligence

Traffic laws & Regulations

Truck drivers have a duty to follow all posted traffic laws and regulations. Specifically, they must follow speed limits, yield the right-of-way to other vehicles at the appropriate times, stay in their lanes, use turn signals, and refrain from aggressive driving practices. When truck drivers violate these laws, they are more likely to cause serious accidents.

State & Federal Motor Carrier Regulations

Moreover, truck drivers and trucking companies must follow all state and federal motor carrier regulations. These regulations often prescribe weight limits for large commercial vehicles, as well as proper loading and unloading procedures for cargo. When truckers violate these regulations, the truck’s center of balance may become offset while in motion, causing a serious accident or overturn. Finally, improper loading procedures may cause cargo to slide off the truck and into the road, causing a massive vehicle pile-up.

Distracted Driver

Truck drivers are also negligent when they fail to watch the road attentively. Drivers often become distracted when they use electronic devices, such as GPS navigation systems, tablets, and cellular phones, while driving. When a truck driver turns their attention away from the road – even for a second or two – that could be sufficient time for a crash to happen. And when a driver is transporting thousands of pounds of cargo at 70 miles per hour or better, they can’t afford to lose track of their surroundings.

Driving while under the influence

Finally, some truck accidents happen when drivers operate their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol can significantly impair a driver’s reaction time, preventing them from stopping their truck before causing an accident. Alcohol may also cause them to experience blurred vision and limited concentration.

Drugged Driving

Drugged driving is also a common cause of truck accidents. Oftentimes, drivers resort to drugs so that they can stay awake for long hours. However, these drugs sometimes have the opposite effect and make a truck driver sleepy while behind the wheel.

If you suffered injuries in a truck accident resulting from negligence, we can meet with you to discuss your accident circumstances and determine your options for moving your case forward. In some instances, we may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the negligent truck driver, the employer trucking company, and other individuals or entities. Our team can help you identify all potentially responsible parties, ensuring that we maximize your monetary recovery.

Truck Accident Injuries

When a large truck strikes a much smaller vehicle, accident victims may suffer serious injuries. Those injuries typically depend upon various factors, including the speeds of the involved vehicles, the force of the impact, and the way in which the accident victim’s body moves in their vehicle.

Common truck accident injuries

The chances of being injured or resulting in serious injuries in truck accidents are very high, taking into consideration the size and weight, injuries in most cases tend to be more severe, our Auburn truck accident lawyer from Anderson Law | Injury Attorneys is experienced in every one of the following injury claims, however, any injuries resulting from a truck accident our legal team is ready to take over!

  1. Traumatic head & brain damage
  2. Spinal cord injuries
  3. Paralysis
  4. Broken bones
  5. Soft tissue contusions
  6. Internal organ damage and death.

Now, that you know more about the consequences of trucking accidents and how difficult these situations can be in terms of recovery and damages. So, if you´re facing a truck accident claim, we encourage you to contact immediately a Truck accident lawyer if you are in Auburn or nearby cities.

As soon as possible after a truck collision, you should follow up at a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility for treatment. Moreover, you should undergo this treatment even if you are unsure about the extent of your injuries. This is because untreated injuries can become much worse over time. While you focus on receiving the medical attention you need, our team can start handling the legal aspects of your claim and gathering the necessary documents to pursue a case on your behalf.

Why Choose Our Truck Accident Lawyers

We understand how your life can be impacted that is why our truck accident lawyers review every single detail of their cases with the only purpose to achieve the best possible outcome. Remember that if you´re involved in a truck accident you may be eligible for your damages, injuries, medical bills, and anything that resulted from that accident occurred.

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